Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh dear: Dancing With the Stars

Last season, I started watching Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).  I'm not sure what exactly inspired this, but maybe it was because I was on maternity leave and had a lot of downtime, and this show clocks in at three hours a week (though thanks to Tivo, the results show is only 5 minutes long when I'm done with it).  Maybe it was because I can watch it streaming on the iPad.  Maybe it was because a show that has Shannon Doherty, Pamela Anderson, Jake Pavelka, Buzz Aldrin, and Kate Gosslin is a show that is too crazy not to watch.  In the end I was disappointed that Nicole Scherzinger won, and I began calling the show "Dancing with Dancers."

However, that did not stop me from watching this season!  This season, with David Hasselhoff, Jennifer Grey, Margaret Cho, Michael Bolton, and Brandy is a similar can't stop watching wreck of a show.  My favorite is someone I've never heard of, Kyle Massey.

Jennifer Grey is doing very well and is a big contender. I don't know if other people are aware of this but she may have done some dancing in the past. Like, Dirty Dancing. The movie. If she wins, I'll be disappointed and will continue to call the show Dancing with Dancers.

But more annoying than that is Bristol Palin, who continues to be on the show week after week though she can't dance.

It's clearly a right wing conspiracy.  She can't dance.  I also find it ironic that an abstinence advocate is on TV shaking what her momma gave her.

P.S. You know Sesame Street has done DWTS!

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