Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh dear: 16 and Pregnant

While on maternity leave and having to feed a baby every 2 - 3 hours, I've had the opportunity to watch lots of crap television.  One of the more ridiculously addictive shows I've seen is MTV's  "16 and Pregnant".  The concept is pretty simple:  stupid teenager gets pregnant and has baby.  Generally, the first 45 minutes are spent with the pregnant teenager and the last 15 minutes are spent with the baby and new mom.  Teenager generally has a boyfriend, who is also a teenager and an idiot.

I have to say, watching this a few weeks after having Child2, and extremely sleep deprived, I kept screaming to the television, "USE A CONDOM YOU MORON!"  Having a baby is really hard--and I have a great husband, a great job, and great child care.  I can't imagine doing it without all of these things, or being 16 and even trying to do it, plus go to school.  And to me, the real point the show could be making is following the moms and babies more after the baby is born instead of glamorizing pregnancy and showing a whopping 15 minutes of post baby life while showing prevent teen pregnancy commercials (including a PSA with Bristol Palin).  Show a crying teenager after the 50th night in a row of not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time if you want to show how hard it is to have a baby.  But who would want to watch THAT show?

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