Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why aren't you watching this?: Sesame Street

Well, if you don't have kids, you probably aren't watching much kids TV.  But I have two.  And my favorite of their shows is by far, Sesame Street.  Yep, the Sesame Street you grew up with is still on.  And true to its mission to make educational TV that parents would want to watch with their kids, it's awesome.

For example, Grover's take on the Old Spice guy:

True Blood (True Mud):

And singers get into the act too! Jason Mraz doing "Outdoors" (instead of "I'm Yours")

And Feist doing 1,2,3,4:

And their website is fantastic. They have a ton of videos and educational games. You can even view old school videos, like this Lionel Richie "U Really Got a Hold On Me":

On the terrible side is Little Einsteins.  Our 4 year old's cousin watches a lot of the Little Einsteins and my mother in law bought a DVD for our 4 year old.  The Little Einsteins kids are the world's most pretentious and annoying children.  For starters, they call themselves the Little Einsteins.  I find the sexism annoying:  the girls' talents are singing and dancing.  The boys play actual instruments and conduct.  Each episode repeats a perfectly fine classical music riff over and over again, completely ruining the music for life.  The DVD is going to find itself lost soon.

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