Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Love Letter to Taco Deli

Dear Taco Deli,

I love your tacos.  LOVE THEM.  So, it breaks my heart that with a talent so large, you are in a space so small.  Unless the weather is beautiful outside and I know I can sit outside, when I go to you, I know that I might as well get my tacos to go.  And that's not really relaxing, which is what lunch is all about, and I can't have dinner with you, since you aren't open for dinner.

Knowing you aren't going to change your size, I considered getting some tacos to go yesterday, but the size of your line made it unbearable.  I tried calling in an order to go, but you kept me on hold so long I finally realized that you just aren't into me.

I will always think fondly of you and your sirloin mole tacos,

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