Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh dear.: Extreme Dr. 90210: Dr. Rey Returns

Husband frequently watches shows on the Weather, History, or Science channel that involve some sort of natural disaster or man made object falling, breaking, or destroying other objects.  I refer to these as "When X Attacks."  For example, if he's watching a show about super cranes falling down, I call that "When Super Cranes Attack."  Other shows he's watched include, "When Tsunamis Attack" and "When Gigant Guns Attack."

So, he can't be blamed for thinking I was kidding when he asked what I was watching this morning, and I replied, "Extreme Dr. 90210:  Dr. Rey Returns."

For those of you unfamiliar with the E channel's show, Dr. 90210, you are a far better person than I.  Dr. 90210 follows a few plastic surgeons and a few of their patients.  It has been off of the air for a while, possibly because of the recession?, but I happened to notice a listing for "Extreme Dr. 90210" (filmed in 2009) and "Extreme Dr. 90210:  Dr Rey Returns" (filmed in 2010).

(I had the pleasure of meeting one of the doctors on a train in France, but that is a story for another time.)

dr-robert-rey-1.JPG (250×334)Dr. Rey is certainly the most . . . interesting of the doctors so I was extremely excited about his return.  Why the interest?

Exhibit 1:  Scrubs.  Notice the sleeves on Dr. Rey's scrubs, or lack thereof.  Specially tailored to show off his arms.  I don't think you can buy scrubs like that at a medical supply store.

Exhibit 2:  Outlandish clothing.  Dr. Rey may have been the model customer the Ed Hardy people were thinking about when creating their t-shirt line.  Here's a recent example I found on Dr. Rey's Twitter feed:
Pic of me & Hayley today at Indy 500. We had so much fun!!! on Twitpic

(The crazily skinny woman next to him is his wife, Haley, who also frequently appears on the show.)

Exhibit 3:  Dr. Rey's website.  A quote:  "While the term "Renaissance man" is frequently overused, Dr. Rey is the rare individual to whom this might apply. Author, lecturer, medical broadcaster, actor, artist and martial artist, his ability to focus and excel is noteworthy. He is a current Screen Actors Guild member"

Other characteristics of Dr. Rey include a silly girlish laugh, the ability to speak Portugese and Spanish, and a black belt in Tae Kwan Do.

The extreme show special also focuses on some other people and doctors too, but whatever.  And the show did not disappoint in showing how crazy Dr. Rey is.  The show opens up with Dr. Rey arriving in Honduras with a Telemundo presenter.  First stop, the President's house to ask for a medical license (huh?), for which Dr. Rey is late, but first they stop and take pictures with the machine guns the police are carrying at the airport.   Wearing a hilarious pink shirt under his suit, Dr. Rey finally shows up at the President's house.  El Presidente also has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and Dr. Rey attempts to get the El Presidente to spar with him in his equivalent of the oval office.  El Presidente looks at Dr. Rey as if he is crazy, and walks off.

Next stop is the hospital, where he decides to perform surgery on a girl with a cleft palate, who he later visits at home.  While it would seem that this is the entire purpose of the show, maybe 5 minutes is dedicated to this.

Next, Dr. Rey and Telemundo go to some beachy Honduras location where a billionaire is building a clinic for Dr. Rey to come practice "in paradise."  Dr. Rey Skypes with his family back in L.A. and starts telling his wife about how the the billionaire is also building a home for them, and how they are going to live there 6 months a year.  Haley, knowing there are TV cameras around, does not start screaming at him or hang up on him, like the rest of us would.  Haley's mom in the background (who has made it clear in other episodes that she is not a fan of Dr. Rey) looks like she is going to go off on him.  Dr. Rey shows his family his outfit, which includes white pants and matching white shoes, which his daughter says looks stupid (which of course, is true.)

Eventually, Dr. Rey returns to L.A. where he views pictures of the cleft lip patient (who looks much better) and discusses moving to Honduras again with his wife six months out the year since the billionaire has built him this clinic and all, and Haley stops short of telling Dr. Rey he is more than welcome to move to Honduras permanently--alone.

I'm hoping E brings back Dr. 90210 on a more permanent basis because this man is crazy and is addictive to watch.  I need more than this mere sample of bad outfits, poor decision making, and disregard for his wife!  I need a weekly fix.  Help me E!

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