Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Watch this: Wipeout

To me, nothing says summer like the return of Wipeout!, the funniest show on television.

The concept is simple:  about 20 contestants make their way through a water obstacle course, the apex of which is an obstacle called "the big red balls", which is made up of . . . big red balls that the contestants must bounce across to reach the other side, like a bridge that doesn't work at all.  The obstacles change from week to week as well, but generally also include a wall of punching arms which propel the contestant into mud.  The top contestants with the best time go on to another challenge, more are eliminated, there's another challenge where more are eliminated and finally the top two or three go to the final wipeout obstacle course.

And it's hilarious.  Running commentary is provided by John Anderson and John Henson, who also provide nicknames for the contestants so you don't get confused.  Watching people fall off or get knocked off the obstacles is just funny and on the rare occasion someone actually completes an obstacle, it's awe-inspiring.

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