Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am not cool enough for: Mad Men

I don't watch Mad Men. But you really think I would. I have gone to both Mad Men Banana Republic collection opening parties. I've bought clothes from both collections. I love late fifties and early sixties style and have a great shape for that. 

And Christina Hendricks is my style sister  She has big boobs and the hair color I would choose if I wasn't busy trying to be a responsible adult.  We're practically twins. 

I watched part of the show once. I was bored. So bored. With the new season starting, I Facebook polled my friends to see if I should jump in midstream, and consensus was I should start from the beginning.  I set the TiVo to record it anyway. It didn't record for some reason and I just assumed it was a sign. 

I'm not watching Downtown Abbey either. I really want to be entertained by TV--not educated or otherwise get cultured. I don't have a lot of free time and I'm getting choosier. It's got to be fun:  How I Met Your Mother, Happy Endings, GCB. I've even grown to like New Girl, with Zooey Dechanel, the world's most annoying person.

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