Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adventures in Cooking: Ranch Popcorn

My husband and I have two small children, so we don't go out anymore.  On a very rare occasion, we'll get a babysitter or have their grandparents watch them.  Because we on the young children/old people schedule, we like to have an early dinner--6:30 or 7 pm when we go out (the kids eat dinner around 6pm.)  But the kids aren't finished being put to bed until 9 pm or so.  And there is no way we're going to all this trouble to go out and then have to put the children to bed ourselves!  So after dinner, we generally have some time to kill until it's safe to go home.

Lately, our favorite spot to kill time is the bar at the W Hotel.  It's called the Living Room and it has a ton of couches to relax on.  And, you can order their popcorn of the day.  We've had chipotle, parmesan, and salted caramel.  I love it.

One day while surfing the Weight Watchers site, I ran across a recipe for ranch flavored popcorn and got inspired.  Not inspired to do the recipe (which involved several ingredients which I was certain would send me to Central Market, which you know I try to avoid at all costs), but to be creative with some ranch powder.

So here's my recipe for Ranch Popcorn:

One microwave popcorn bag (I recommend a butter flavor because it is stickier)
Olive oil spray
Ranch dip/dressing powder mix (you can buy it in envelopes or in a shaker)

Microwave popcorn (hopefully you have a microwave that has a popcorn setting so you don't have to think too hard about counting the popping, because that's annoying.)  Once done, immediately open bag, pour into a giant bowl and lightly spray with the olive oil spray.  Liberally sprinkle on the ranch powder.  Toss.  Spray with olive oil spray, sprinkle the powder, and toss three more times.

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