Friday, September 2, 2011

Do this: Get Spotify

The tech news media was completely gushing about Spotify a few weeks ago and as I try to be hip with the tech stuff (since that's the industry I'm in) I quizzed a friend who was using it and ended up with an invitation of my own.

While I've never been into Pandora or Rhapsody, for some reason, Spotify has really appealed to me.  Like those other services, Spotify is a streaming music service.  You can stream music from their website, and if you pay for an upgrade, stream from your phone as well.

I believe part of my enjoyment of this service is my horrible taste in music.  My taste is bad.  I love top 40 pop awful awful music.  I want to dance when I hear music and be inspired to run.  The name of this blog is I'm not cool -- and my music taste isn't.

Follow me on Spotify So what's totally awesome is Spotify allows me to indulge my taste in crappy music without guilt.  The other day, Husband and I watched Burlesque.  Stop judging me.  It has CHER and CHRISTINA AGUILERA.  I thought about buying the soundtrack.  But I'm not sure I want to spend $11 on it.  No problem, with Spotify, I can listen to the album for free.  Or any of their 15 million other songs.  Like the Backstreet Boys.  I can't live without this and immediately upgraded to premium service, so I can listen to songs streaming on my iPhone.   With premium, I can even download playlists to my iPhone and listen to them when not connected to the Internet -- even the good music I occasionally listen to, like Otis on the new Kayne / Jay - Z album.

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