Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Am Not Cool Enough For: SXSW

In Austin, we have a yearly event/conference called South by Southwest (SXSW, sometimes referred to just as "south by").  There are days devoted to interactive media, film, and music.

I've lived in Austin for 13 years and have never gone.  I'm that not cool.  Husband and I talked about going three years ago to the interactive part, but we were moving.  Last year, I was pregnant and due around the time of the festival.  And this year we are too tired with the second baby.  But we didn't go before we had kids.  And I didn't go before I got married.

For the last several days, my friends and coworkers have been updating their Facebook statuses to talk about what a good time they are having and the cool things they are doing.  There is live action Angry Birds.  Apple created a pop up store to sell iPads.  All kinds of celebrities are in town.  I'm looking forward to turning in early since I'm so not cool.

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