Friday, February 4, 2011

I Am Not Cool Enough For: Living in Austin

Here in Austin, we have a saying:  Keep Austin Weird.  And that is so not me.  I am pretty boring.  I have no tattoos or piercings.  I shop at J Crew, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor Loft.

The fam and I live on "the north side".  Cool people live on the east side or south of the river.  I rarely travel more than 10 miles away from my house, so I'm hardly ever in the cool areas.

I drink Starbucks coffee and not coffee from some organic, free market, local coffee shop. We already discussed my annoyance of food trailers.  Central Market totally stresses me out -- it's crowded and you get could get lost in there for days aimlessly wandering around looking for the hidden cash registers.

I don't own a dog that I take to restaurants and hang out with.  I'm allergic.  And I don't even like dogs, so even if I wasn't allergic, I still wouldn't have one.  And even if I had one, I would leave it at home.  I would probably even leave it outside!

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  1. Just found your post. So true. I live in the DFW area (actually in the country). Every time I find myself even close to Austin, I instantly feel out of place. No tats, no dreads, no $75 cut offs from some vintage shop off Congress Ave. I'm just a boots and jeans, with a button down shirt and ball cap kinda guy. And yet, that seems pretentious, too "put-together" for the counter culture. Austin has even invaded the BBQ scene in a big way recently. And that, as I BBQ enthusiast, am having difficulty wrapping my mind around.

    I know in a couple of years, they'll move on to the next thing. Whatever that is. Pet chinchillas or hemp t shirts. Maybe a car that runs on their own farts. I'll pass thanks, and be happily uncool.