Friday, August 27, 2010

I Am Not Cool Enough For: Food from Airstream Trailers

A few years ago, Husband mentions that there is a crepe restaurant in town.  I was excited because I love nutella crepes.  Love them.   When we were in France I ate one for a snack every day.  And at the time, I didn't have a great crepe recipe, though I have one now that I'll share with you one day.

So, I'm all excited and I ask if we can go there for date night.  Turns out the place isn't open for dinner.  Or on Monday or Tuesday.  Or on the weekend (at the time, though it is now).  And it's an airstream trailer in a parking lot in a part of town that never has parking.

Seriously?  Listen, I'm not cool enough for this.  I've been to the restaurant twice.  The food IS good. But we live in Texas and it's 100 degrees here in the summer!  It's freaking hot!  When I go out to lunch, I want to go somewhere with air conditioning and ample parking.  

The good news is that this trend must be on the downturn, because there's now a reality show about it.

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