Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh dear: Teen Mom

I already expressed my love for the show "16 and Pregnant" with the complaint that it doesn't make parenting look hard enough.  MTV apparently heard this complaint a while back, because I discovered they have a show "Teen Mom" following four of the moms from "16 and Pregnant".  It's about to go into its second season, which meant that they had a marathon of the show yesterday so I was able to catch several parts of several episodes and the last 30 minutes of the wrap up.

Of the four couples, three were in relationships with their baby daddies when the baby was born -- at the end of Teen Mom, only one is still together.  Other than the mom that gave her baby up for adoption, none of them moms are successfully completing school--apparently, watching a baby is very time consuming!  You can't study and take care of a baby at the same time!  (You also can't catch all of the Teen Mom marathon either while taking care of 1-2 kids for the record.)

Overall, the show portrayed parenting in a much more realistic light.  Kudos to MTV.

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