Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Am Not Cool Enough For: Noticing the Old Spice guy videos in a timely fashion

So I'm sure you are way cooler than me, but just in case, the "blogosphere" and "twitteratti" went crazy this week for the Old Spice guy who with apparently the world's best marketing team created over 200 personalized vidoes.  I love the Old Spice guy!  My man smells like the Old Spice man ("I am the man your man could smell like!")  And I complete missed my opportunity to blog about him and possibly have a response video.  Because that's how uncool I am!

Hypothetically speaking, had the Old Spice guy seen the blog entry I didn't write, I'm sure my experience would have been like @matthewsinclair who Twittered:

Feeling like the Old Spice guy! Over the weekend I went for a run, went horsehiding, and chainsawed firewood.#sadlyidontlooklikehim #true

 And received this video response:

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