Thursday, June 17, 2010

Do this: See a movie at Gold Class Cinema

A Gold Class Cinema opened up near the house.  Word got out pretty quick that tickets were $30 a piece.  My first thought was, who the hell would ever pay that?

The answer is me.  And I'm only going to see movies there going forward (though I discovered that tickets are only $22 if you sign up for their free club).  Here's why:

  • Husband always wants to get to the movies early to pick a seat.  Like an hour to 45 minutes early.  It's excruciating.  When you buy tickets for Gold Class, you get to pick your seats online, so there's no point in going early.  That's an hour of my time back, which is worth at least the cost of one of our tickets.
  • The theatre sat maybe 40 people, tops, in recliners grouped in twos.  
  • The seats were these squishy soft recliners that reclined all the way back.  One of the arms opened up for storage, and I could put my giant purse in it.  
  • Husband said out loud that he wished he would have brought a jacket because it was cold in the theater.  They brought him a blanket.
  • The theater serves food and drinks, and to order, you press a call button and someone comes and takes your order.
  • The tray between the two recliners (for you to put your food and drinks) has a small light so you can actually SEE your food.  There's nothing more annoying than ordering a salad at a theater that serves food and then you can't see it.  
I only see 2-3 movies a year, and this is totally the way I'm going to see them going forward.  We went to a different theater a few months ago and the whole time I kept thinking that the movie would be so much better in my living room on our giant TV with Blu-Ray.  Since there's no call button at my house, Gold Class is the way to go.  

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