Friday, July 1, 2011

I Am Not Cool Enough for: a Google + invite

Many of my Facebook friends are talking about Google + and giving their opinions and I'm apparently not cool enough to get one.  I have no Google + invite.  I can't access the super cool social network.

This is not the first time Google has rejected me.  I wasn't picked to be a beta tester of their Chrome netbook.  We've already discussed my iPad indifference.  I was made to be a Chrome netbook beta tester!

Then, Google Music was announced.  Despite the fact that I carry my iPhone with me everywhere, I was temporarily convinced that I Needed Google Music so I could listen to my music anytime anywhere!   I did not get an invite to use it.  Then, Apple announced its iCloud service, and I realized that since all my music is already in iTunes, that makes more sense.  Also, I have a portable music device I carry everywhere anyway, called the iPhone.  Then I got an invite but I no longer cared, even though it did allow me to access a remix of Step by Step by the New Kids on the Block.

Now, here we are, Google +.  I think what's really annoying about this is that I am a serious user of Google products:

  • I only use Google Chrome, the world's most superior browser.  It's super lightweight.  I can open up the 15 tabs or so I need open at any one time and it won't crash.  If you aren't using it, you really should.  It's really amazing.  
  • My personal email is Gmail.  
  • I use Google docs both at home and at work
  • I prefer to edit and display my pictures on the web using Picasa, a Google product, which is both amazing and free.  
  • This blog is on Blogger, a Google product, and not the cooler of the blog software, WordPress.  
  • I even tried to use Google Wave.  However, it turned out that no one actually needed that product, including me.  
It's also annoying that I have no idea if or when I'll get an invite.  When Apple releases a product, I have a general idea when I'm going to get it.  If it's a phone, you can preorder or stand in line.  You may have to wait weeks or take a day off and spend it camped outside the Apple store to get one sooner rather than later, but at least you won't feel like Apple is only picking the cool kids to be on their team to use the iPhone.  

If I had an invite, I would take it seriously and use it.  If it was awesome, I would tell my friends and send them invites too.   But part of me wonders if there's really something there to see.  

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