Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh dear: Sister Wives

So, I couldn't stop myself from watching Sister Wives on TLC.  One man, three wives, 13 kids.  It's a real life Big Love!

Kody, the husband
Sadly, Big Love is better.  Sister Wives was creepy.  The husband is a creepy guy with bad hair.  (I'm not sure what I was expecting.  I mean, the man is married to three women.)  The wives married this guy 16 years ago.  They have 13 children with him, all of which have terrible names.  They live in a house that seems to have few furnishings and cheap appliances and cabinets.  It's depressing.

And, Kody, the husband, has found a potential fourth wife, which is clearly annoying the three original wives.  He's driving four hours away to court the new potential wife who also has three kids.

I thought this show would show me the benefits of having several wives (like extra help with cooking, cleaning, and childcare), but the sheer number of children these people have make this seem like way more work than regular marriage.  At one point they mention that they were homeschooling, and I'm trying to figure out how you could homeschool 13 children of various ages (they apparently now send the kids to a homeschooling coop with other polygamous families).  The show just stressed me out.

I'll watch it again to see what happens, but I'd recommend Big Love instead.

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