Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Am Not Cool Enough For: Blogging

I'm really not.  For starters, I don't have a lot of time what with having a full time job, a newborn, and an almost 4 year old.  Which is really what you need if you are going to be serious about blogging.   I'm writing this at 5:30AM.  While watching the newborn.  And if the 4 year old wakes up, then I'll probably get around to finishing this post next week or something. This may be my last post for another three weeks.  Who knows?

I'm pretty confident I'm supposed to randomly say in conversation, "I should blog this" or "Oh, I need to go update my blog."  And I don't.  I hardly talk about this blog at all.  I haven't told many people I have this blog.  And when I do, I tell them, "I'm cool now, I have a blog."

"Oh, what's it called?"


Yep.   Not cool enough to blog.

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